Made in Scotland is a digital marketing and web design company that offers end-to-end web design solutions for businesses and organisations. Everyone wish to improve their results and conversions and Digital Marketing can successfully accomplish that. Follow us on social medias or subscribe for our newsletter to stay updated with our latest web design and marketing projects.

We specialise in web design and development, e-commerce and digital marketing and our main goal is to successfully drive our client’s businesses and ideas. Our website solutions are always bespoke and fully responsive. Moreover, we tailor the overall design to better suit your industry, target audience and potential customers. In order to achieve that, we can also do professional video and photography shootings, content writing (tailored for Search Engine Optimisation) as well full brand creation. Check our Services page to learn more.

Because we like to deliver excellent services, every client we take receives 100% of our attention. From the very first meeting, up until successfully completing a project, we put strong accent on client feedback and communication. In addition to that, our customer support extends past the standard working hours. Our clients can reach us anytime – from the start of our working day at 8 a.m. up until the moon lights the sky.

Our Services

Website Design

Every business needs a website to survive in today’s competitive marketplace. Because of it's importance for your business, we make sure we develop a stunning, modern, bespoke website to suit your needs.


Looking to transform your brochure website to sell products, take bookings or schedule appointments online? Our development team has you covered on all fronts!

Social Media

Managed effectively, social media platforms can increase your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. They also allow you to communicate with your audience in real time.

Video Creation

Nothing captures attention and engages an audience more than a video. In recent years the use of video online has grown massively. Tell the story of your business through a professional video.


Establish your brand and presence online. Anything from logo creation, to designing leaflets, banners and promotional materials to reflect your vision for the business.

Digital Marketing

You must drive traffic to a website through various digital marketing and advertising methods. SEO and Google AdWords are just 2 of the many ways we go about this.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your brand's name out there. We can help you build email databases, plan long-term email strategies as well as design the look of your emails. Keep your audience engaged!

Copy Writing

Although content creation is niche service as your business might be incredibly hard to write for, our dedicated team can provide unique optimised content for both your website and email campaigns. Quality content is the root of all marketing.


Advertising and Brand Awareness

Whether you have decided on Digital Marketing only or you are looking for physical type of advertising such as radio, newspaper or TV, Made in Scotland team will provide its expert point of view.

Team Members

Our experienced professionals are here to help your business prosper.