Digital Partnerships

There have been some famous and successful partnerships throughout history, Lennon and McCartney, Laurel and Hardy, Sonny and Cher, Ant and Dec and Abercrombie and Fitch and many more!!!! 

Partnership in the digital world is the ONLY way forward in terms of PR and marketing your services via your digital strategy, the days of a website being your only offering are long gone, this must be complemented by channels feeding your website and driving traffic, this needs consistent professional attention or I’m afraid it’s unlikely to work and you may lose your market share to others.

Think of your website as the “mother ship” and all traffic comes home there to roost, of course you need to look after your website too with constant updates, maintenance and content however the website needs “fed” with traffic via other tributaries.

Having your website or just social media is not enough, the partnership is only the starting point.

Social networks are here to stay but algorithms dictate constant change and your eye needs to be constantly reviewing your position and trends daily !! its labour intensive and time consuming when trying to carry out the core responsibilities of your job.

You must also identify the audience you engage with both across social media and websites. You must also  “think“ like the recipient in terms of natural search criteria, of course there are tools to help you do this but this is also a daily challenge and takes a lot of refining before your strategy settles.  It is a results-based exercise and not a box ticking exercise.  

There are many other ways such as email marketing and PPC and SEO strategies however you MUST have knowledge of what you are doing, or you could lose investment

Fortunately, at Made in Scotland this is our GENIUS and our traffic generation team spends all day everyday ion the digital dark arts required.

Why not get the experts to take on the time and labour and responsibility of increasing your market share and profile in your digital strategy, it’s only a click away!!!     


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