Doing things differently

I hope everyone is doing well and healthy, this has been a testing few months since entering lockdown. I felt it important to give you an update on what has been happening in Made in Scotland. Even although we have been in lockdown, we have still been busy!

We have all being adjusting to changes in our personal lives and implementing changes into our business lives, this has been driven by your creativity and agile needs, thankfully I have been able to help you prosper and make money. The Made in Scotland team are furloughed however they have spent some time in creating coaching and training material for both myself Martin McCrum and Giles Plenderleith and we have been students of the business.

In the last few months both Directors have been able to deliver on various services. We have helped our clients with email marketing, traffic generation campaigns, SEO, social media services and video marketing and creation, you impressed!!!   Our clients have had enquiries from this too!!

To add to that we have been able to create a couple of websites all coached by our team to keep us right, we have followed their videos and training material to the letter.

We have managed to redesign and launch a few customer websites using tools and techniques transferred to us by our team, these websites include:

and just yesterday we have launched, have a look!

If anyone out there is concerned and needs assistance to rework their digital approach, just get in touch with me via our website and we can help.

Thanks, and keep well

Martin McCrum


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