Google Supporting Local Business

I was encouraged by Googles Vice president Ronan Harris on ITVs Good Morning Britain programme (not the tax stuff). It seems that Google have had the finger on the pulse in regard to supportingĀ  Local business during this period of challenge due to COVID, this validates some previous Made in Scotland blogs where we have noticed a marked change in behaviours and trends in particular with ā€œlocalā€ services

Are you dog enough; I would encourage you not to miss out?

It sees that local services seen a jump which is encouraging for the small business, for example, local beer deliveries jumped by 500% whilst local meat deliveries jumped by a staggering 1300%, local farm box also rose by 500%, they secret was the locally searched phrases on each occasion.

Do you know what local phrases would make a difference in your business? We do!!

Ronan Harris claimed that consumers had turned to local businesses for items while their movement was restricted by lockdown measures, from our experience we wholeheartedly agree.

It was also found that business had failed to change some basic information on their websites such as opening and closing times consumers also had turned away from the business thatā€™s had NO online presence, click and collect services have shown a massive increase

At Made in Scotland we have continually promoted the need for digital agility and flexibility at this time in particular, we are still very surprised that some digital users arenā€™t doing enough, they are losing out on a volume of enquiries and sales.

Google are offering a host of online support services and free tools and recommendations for the small business, its exceptional support and is called the open for the business initiative.

If you want to capitalise on local business an increased sales Made in Scotland are proud to enhance these offerings in all areas equally if you want us to act on your behalf and interact with Google, we can do thatā€™s too

Stay local !!

Made in Scotland


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