How to choose a digital marketing agency

What is your reason for hiring a Digital Marketing Agency? Could it be that you want more enquiries, better engagement with your audience, better sales conversion or is it just simply to fortify your brand?

If its any of the above, here are a few tips you MUST consider before deciding

Will the Digital Agency:

  • Understand your key business needs and align themselves to your plans.
  • Are they holistic with “no hidden costs“?
  • If signing a monthly maintenance contract, is this explained clearly, how do you measure what they do?
  • Are they helping you increase exposure and reduce costs, for example how often are they reviewing your website or any social media campaign? Made in Scotland do this daily.
  • Can they provide other client testimonials, can they show you tangible results elsewhere?
  • How qualified are they? do you know if their development and design team have any recognised qualifications.
  • Are they truly “creative” and work with the ABC mindset, Always BConsulting, often you find that a relationship can be transactional, do they give you advice on what is best for you and show their expertise and help your business with its digital objectives? This is what it is really all about.
  • Do you know what your competitors are doing?
  • Do they provide you with tangible but simple metric reports? How do you know what you are paying for is working for you? YOU SHOULD!!!

Made in Scotland have all of the above!

Our only motivation is to enhance your business via our agreed and supported digital strategy, we always deliver on what we say, we are always honest, if you don’t need our help we will tell you on the first discussion!

If you want to explore any of the above or indeed benchmark your existing digital strategy, a discussion costs nothing, give us a call!


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