It’s time for digital reincarnation

Recently we highlighted the uncertainty of the global pandemic, everyone’s focus has shifted to adjust their strategy tactically in business and we have seen an upsurge in digital change, some good some not!!

Nevertheless, stats tell us that there is more reliance and investment on the average businesses digital strategy, it is just the start. The stats say that there has been an increase of 49% in digital marketing obviously that is to enhance the sales funnel and rightly so. We have also seen an increase in internal digital processes and supply chain interaction to cut down cut and increase overall efficiency, naturally, this is cost-related due to current circumstances. The agile will survive, those who do not address their digital strategy may have a rocky road ahead and need to recognise this.

Out of this adversity has come new opportunities, as the job market changes, we have seen an increase in innovation, emerging markets, new businesses, and services.

At Made in Scotland we have seen an influx of enquiries that have pleasantly surprised us. the song remains the same they want more from their digital strategy due to circumstances.

If we were starting again or looking at how to improve the first thing, we would do is digital SWOT analysis on each business area, a digital organisation health check and how digitising some of your services relate to performance and return on investment.

Digital offence needs to be chosen rather than defence, your digital strategy now MUST be part of your business strategy, it is now a sales channel and cost reduction tactic.

Be bold and creative with your digital strategy and enhance your results, of course, you need knowledge or a plan to do this, if you do not possess either outsource to a good provider, Made in Scotland work these strategic plans for their customer base daily.

Why not let your digital strategy enhance your business strategy, health hand results?

If you want a non-committal friendly discussion about a digital Swot analysis, get in touch!!

Martin McCrum


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