Photography & Animation

Professional photography can make the difference between a mediocre website and a great website.

Displaying your products online accurately & professionally can be the difference between customers buying from you or clicking the back button to find an alternative website. We photograph your products in a lightbox to obtain crystal clear images which represent your goods in an appealing fashion. Our  team also photograph your printed media for social media & our own portfolio to showcase our creative work.

Why not respresent your team on your website? Many companies advertising their team members notice a higher engagement rate through social channels like LinkedIn and facebook. Implementing a meet the team section on your website allows customers to engage with your story and follow along on your journey. 

Ekos Consultants - Headshots & meet the team.

Cool Milk Scotland - Character Creation

Animation & Illustration

Engage with your customers through short simple visual stories for all industry types.

Showing your unique services or products through animation can reveal functionality that otherwise cannot be shown in a static image, quite often we are asked to design short animations to demonstrate industry processes or educational videos to engage with a specific audience.

Always Sharp and full of detail.

Our illustrations are all vector-based to ensure your logos & illustrations are scalable to suit all your printed needs as well as looking great on any screen size. These graphics created at Made in Scotland can then be used in the future application of any vehicle branding, online media, printed media, advertising & clothing. Should you have an idea for your next product or business advertisement and need a dedicated design team to draft up concepts through to the final design then speak to our team today by clicking the button below.

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