Evo Enterprises.

Evo Enterprises is a publishing house based in the United Kingdom specialising in high quality, innovative and niche print magazines for both the UK & Ireland and North American markets. Encapsulating the ever-growing and fast-paced barbering industry, they release bi-monthly editions which cover every barbering topic, issue, and discussion.

Project Launched: JANUARY 2022

Branding your business

Colour Palette.


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CMYK: 94% 39% 0% 32%

RGB: 11/107/174



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RGB: 255/160/0


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CMYK: 28% 54% 0% 35%

RGB: 120/77/167


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Regular newsletter

Email Marketing.

EVO have a vast marketing client base who they frequently send mailers with the latest news in the hairdressing and barbering industries. Email marketing can be highly beneficial to a business as it can improve sales and provide more value to your audience. 


Social Media Management.

Designing effective and engaging marketing templates is a must for any business looking to excel and grow their following digitally. We created a number of consistent templates with varying colour schemes to suit the 4 different forms of communication within the business. Each was designed on Adobe illustrator allowing us to scale these designs across the board to suit social media graphics and printed media.

Client Gains

Project Outcomes.

When EVO Enterprises came to us, they already had a large following, but they needed social media management and a new strategy to market their brand and services. Since then, Made in Scotland has undertaken a number of marketing and social media campaigns to increase following and engagement.

Email Marketing Social Media Management
Email Marketing Social Media Management

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