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Town Centre Activities – INWishaw


​Creation of 6 new websites for Town Centre Activities, online application system for competitions and full branding.





InWishaw is one of 6 community websites which the team here at Made In Scotland are creating. TCA (Town Centre Activities) who approached us at the beginning of the year for the creation of their new company website, also had the vision of creating 6 community websites which can make a real difference to people living in each community.

The goal of these community sites is to connect the community all in one place and for it to be the go to place for all community information. Through these websites it is possible to save the high street by getting shoppers and the local community spending and interacting with their town.

With the above in mind, Made In Scotland created a website for IN | Wishaw which is the perfect platform for both retailers and shoppers in the Wishaw are to come together. The website allows the latest deals and offers to be displayed by retailers, in the hope of driving business back into the Wishaw.

The website will be constantly kept up to date with all of the latest news, events, jobs and businesses in Wishaw.

TCA has a fantastic team of Digital Ambassadors who are present in these community’s day in day out, doing all they can to support the local community and retailers. They do a fantastic job and have been great in supporting our team with the efforts both on the website and across all Wishaw social media platforms.

We look forward to working hand in hand with the team at TCA, in regenerating North Lanarkshire through our combined efforts both online and offline.



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