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Creation of a new website for the Lindsay Landscapes.




Established in 2011, Lindsay Landscapes is a modern, dynamic company and passionate about every element of the work they do. They aim to be at the cutting edge of design, quality and service by ensuring your garden and driveway is stunning and built to last. The Lindsay Landscapes team pride themselves on their high standards, professionalism and attention to detail. They are progressive in our approach, knowledgeable and above all friendly. Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of their philosophy and they work collaboratively with their clients to ensure perfect results.

Lindsay Landscapes have been a long standing client of Made in Scotland, developing their first website back in the company’s birth in 2011. Through the years Lindsay Landscapes has established itself online, due to both the fantastic standard of work they offer and a website that effectively reflect this. As 2018 came around, both ourselves and Lindsay Landscapes agreed it could be time for a modernisation of the website.

Although the current website still received high praise from users, we put both our design expertise together and came up with the new website design. We hope to continue our fantastic working relationship with the team at Lindsay Landscapes, and know that the team will have every success with the new website as they did with the previous.



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