Social Media Friend or Foe?

At Made in Scotland we realise that social media strategies for business can be time-consuming, tedious, and challenging to keep your audience engaged. The biggest own goal that is scored is that because we use social media in our personal lives, we think we can translate that into a business environment

Why would there be social media diplomas and accreditations being studied for if it were that easy? It is a blend of business acumen, technology and marketing coming together in a results-based scenario.

You first must start with an objective plan that links into your strategic and operational business plan, this means you MUST know your end game or objective, your target audience and make sure your data is clean and concise.

Also, ensure that you are focused on this plan and review it daily dependant on the campaign or project, if not you will burn up both time and money.

You must analyse your success and amend your plan accordingly, remember a good plan allows modification, DO NOT just throw good money at something without analysis. There are plenty of information-based tools and software out here to give you the data you need to ensure clear and concise decisions to move forward. You may get instant results alternatively it could take a few days to gather momentum, be aware.

Social media is now used by everyone, even generations that you think would be unlikely to engage, you are wrong to assume that it is only the younger generation, it’s not, a large -percentage of our population has some form of interaction with social media, and some for several hours a day, it’s worth getting it right and can be a fantastic revenue channel for your business.

Fortunately, at Made in Scotland we have all the professional tools and experience to create effective strategies and make a difference to your business.

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