We Made It!
KiltWalk Glasgow 2019

Walking The Walk


Made In Scotland were delighted to take part in what was a record breaking KiltWalk for 2019. With around 13,000 walkers taking part in this year and an estimated £3.5 million raised, this surpassed any previous attendance or funds raised.

The team set off for the “Wee Wander” at 11am on Sunday, and all arrived safe and sound at the finishing line around 1pm, where we then enjoyed some fantastic entertainment and a well-earned meal.

As well as being a great day out for the team (with some surprisingly good weather), our main reason for taking part was in support of our chosen charity Spirit Aid. Spirit Aid are a Scottish humanitarian relief organisation dedicated to alleviating the suffering of children and young people whose lives have been affected by poverty, neglect, abuse, lack of opportunity and much more. As well as doing some great work across the globe, Spirit Aid do so much for children and families in the local communities across Scotland and Made In Scotland have been inspired by the work carried out by Spirit Aid and their team.

All in all a fantastic day out, for a fantastic cause and we would recommend all to get on board for The KiltWalk 2020 and help make a difference to your chosen charity!

Doing What We Can


At Made in Scotland, we believe in doing the right thing. Doing the right thing in business comes in many forms and we believe we have a duty to support the community that supports us. Over the years we have supported various initiatives from different backgrounds. Some of our current initiatives are highlighted below.

First one is Barry McCluskey who is in the challenging position of degenerating sight but still sees the motivation to be a high achiever and we fully support him in this, as shown below.

Our other chosen route for support is the fantastic humanitarian organisation Spirit Aid. One of Made in Scotland’s board directors Martin McCrum is also an active board member of the Spirit Aid charity too. Made in Scotland wholeheartedly support Spirit Aid for a few different reasons. Spirit Aid is a normal charity supporting normal people with everyday issues no matter how big or small. They are a true charity with very low operational costs meaning every pound donated stretches very far. Check back soon to see the Made in Scotland team supporting the forthcoming Kilt Walk.

In the spirit of supporting normal causes, we have decided to support Ferniegair Spiritualist Church in the same mood as Spirit Aid. Ferniegair Spiritualist Church gives comfort, emotional and spiritual support to a large congregation in the local community.

US Blind Golf Open Champion



Barry McCluskey was registered blind after a skin condition named Keratoconus damaged his cornea but is refusing to let the huge blow blight his life and is emerging as a top prospect in British blind golf scene, targeting a possible shot at the Paralympics.

He has also been selected to compete for the rest of the world against the North American at The Blind Vision Cup, the most prestigious tournament in the blind golfing tour.

In order to showcase sponsors and details of all his events, Barry required an online presence, and this is where Made In Scotland have come in. We have created a new website for Barry, where users can stay up to date with all of his latest events, stats and other information.

We will continue to support Barry in all his efforts, keeping the website up to date and supporting him in all golfing events.

Barry is an amazing talent and we wish him well in all 2019 events!

Changing Lives Across Scotland

Spirit Aid


Spirit Aid were founded in 2001 by their head of operations David Hayman who work across the world to reach children in need. They have operations running in Scotland, Palestine, Afghanistan and Malawi.

They are a Scottish humanitarian relief organisation who are dedicated to alleviating the suffering of children and young people whose lives have been affected by poverty, neglect, abuse, lack or opportunity, humanitarian crisis or even shattered by war.

We’ve supported Spirit Aid by creating a new website and helping them promote a social media campaign. This helps assist the charity in fundraising and raises awareness within the local community.

We wish Spirit Aid all the best in 2019!

Inspiring LanarkshirE Spiritual Church

Ferniegair Spiritualist Church​


Ferniegair Christian Spiritual Church first opened its doors in August 1979. Today the Church is run by Chairman Harry Boyd who has attended the Church since its inception.

Ferniegair is an independent Christian Spiritual church with no affiliation to any spiritualist organisation, thet are wholly self-funded and rely only on the freewill offerings from the congregation to fund the Church.

In 2016, Made In Scotland helped give Ferniegair Spiritualist Church a presence in the Digital world through the creation of a new website. The website allows members of both the congregation and the public to view all the latest events for the church as well as service times.

Chairman Harry was given training by the team here at Made In Scotland, to enable him to keep the website up to date with all the latest going’s on at the church.

To this day we continue to support Harry and the church in all their digital efforts, and will continue to do so indefinitely!