Stay away from digital danger

Most of us are trying to reassess and rewire our lives just now in the midst of the current health crisis, some of us are furloughed and instil lockdown etc.  Most individuals and businesses are trying to reassess and do things differently in order to go forward and achieve normality before even thinking about prosperity. The use of internet browsing has risen during this time.

At Made in Scotland we have seen a large increase in enquiries from clients  assisting them to market their services through a digital service however have also seen an increase in the bad side of the digital world namely digital scamming

Please be aware that the world is different right now and this brings to the fore the scammers too, the most common of these include everyday use of emails and attacks by hackers, how can we spot and stop this ??

You have to look at the motive behind this, they want something they think you have, this could be your information such as identity theft etc all leading to a financial result for the perpetrator. You must protect yourself and your information privacy, its easy to open a spam or phishing email by mistake 

Let’s raise your awareness of common signs

Slow down slightly before you click on any web link or an email or otherwise this may be a phishing email or scam, this can reside in social media videos that catch your eye too, for example on Facebook, anyone can be caught out. remember scammers sell things to gather your information too n social media

You are looking for validated information that matches what you click for example if you hover your cursor over the link and the information doesn’t no not click. Does the web page have a secure SSL sign in the form of a padlock in the top left? this is important if they are selling something on an e-commerce platform, this must be secure.

Look for high standard

Scammers and fraudsters do not normally pay attention to quality and cross the Ts and dot the Is. If it looks shabby and wrong challenge this, you must also look for spelling mistakes on the website or email, if it is spam block the email immediately, this can be a daily occurrence.

Is it quality business?

Beware of companies contacting you from free email addresses such Hotmail, Gmail etc or any platform of that ilk. Most solid businesses will want to build and fortify their brand name and invest in their own digital strategy to build reputation and confidence.

Asking for your information

How many times have you seen adverts or public notices from HMRC or the banks that they do not email or call asking you for your details??? They use other secure methodologies with tiers of security and passwords, beware of any email or web page contacting you in the first instance and asking you for pieces of personal information, they may also gather your personal information in stages then piece it together and sell it on the dark web.

Be aware of some games on social media that you enjoy engaging with however they may be a back door to your device or computer and steal your personal information, this includes forms surveys etc, some are genuine some are not !!!

Choose a secure email provider and platform

Its vital if you are a business to have confidence in your awareness and your security infrastructure, Office 365 is very secure and so is Google Suite email

At Made in Scotland we facilitate both platforms and have seen an impressive rise in the G-suite platform, in particular, it’s very robust with great storage, easy to use, support is tremendous, security strong and it’s easily affordable !!!!

If you would like to know more about any of the above, contact the team at Made in  Scotland, we will protect your digital investment.


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