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Made In Scotland is a creative digital agency, we have a passion for what we do and care deeply about our Scottish roots. We have ensured to incorporate these beliefs into our brand which is why we have developed the brand guidelines below to assist our partners, clients, and other authorised third parties in correctly using our brand identity.

We have developed our brand guidelines below to assist our partners, clients, and other authorised third parties in correctly using our brand.

Design, Develop, Deliver

Logo mark.​

We have always ensured our branding relates to Scotland, hence our previous highland cow logo. Most Scottish traditions came directly from the Celts and Gaels which is the inspiration behind our new logo. The three circles represent our workflow process design/develop/deliver. 

Our new logo was inspired by infinity Celtic/Gaelic braids and knots. We believed our logo should represent a direct connection to our heritage while being modern and minimalistic. From several sketches, they were converted to the digital version to make sure they would work in different areas for different needs. 

Text treatment of our brand name


In its bold and creative characters, the wordmark symbolises the ethos of Made in Scotland by combining our Scottish roots with our innovative thinking. We have kept the wordmark clean and bold to match the feel of our business and our designs.

Unlike a logo, a wordmark is a font-based logo that solely focuses on a company name. It is generally utilised for identification and branding purposes by unique and distinctive businesses.

Wide logo variation


We have developed multiple different variations of the logo to make sure it will work well on different media including vertical composition, horizontal composition and as an individual logo mark. 

Each of these files are available in several vector and raster file formats, each in either RGB, CMYK and Pantone colour system. The logo usage guidelines contain all of the logo variations, and explain where each one is used. 



Colour is a key element of any organisation’s identity. Therefore, in keeping with our Scottish theme, we chose a yellow tone as our main accent colour. This represents the Royal Banner of Scotland which is a sign of loyalty and celebration. 

The rest of our colours are very minimalistic as this creates a sophisticated and modern look that works well in both professional and creative settings. These monochrome colours also allow the yellow tone to stand out.



CMYK: 0% 15% 100% 0%

RGB: 255/217/0



CMYK: 0% 0% 0% 96%

RGB: 11/11/11


HTML: #D4975E

CMYK: 16% 43% 71% 1%

RGB: 212/151/94


HTML: #101010

CMYK: 0% 0% 0% 94%

RGB: 16/16/16


HTML: #181818

CMYK: 0% 0% 0% 91%

RGB: 24/24/24

Clean and bold look


The typeface had to be suitable to fit all of the media, starting from our new wordmark, documents and most importantly our future website. Our choice went to the Gilroy font family for the wordmark which has a rich variety of font weights and styles which will help us in the design of our website.

For general text throughout the website, we opted for Poppins as it compliments the Gilroy font family perfectly, while giving us multiple styling options including 4 weights with italics. Poppins is also easy to read while preserving an appealing visual aesthetic.

Gilroy Extra Bold

Poppins Extra Bold

Poppins Bold

Poppins Semi Bold

Poppins Regular

Poppins Light Italic

Example usage of our brand identity


Following the launch of our rebrand, our logo was designed to be compatible with a variety of media formats in addition to physical items, allowing us to develop branded clothing and stationary, among other things.

The purpose of branding a product is to advertise or promote a business while also increasing brand awareness which is why we want to feature our branding throughout our digital platforms but also in our office space and workwear.

Brand Identity details


The Made In Scotland guidelines were developed to assist our partners, clients, and other authorised third parties in correctly using our brand, including Made In Scotland logos, trademarks, and any other words, names, phrases, images, or other designations that indicate the source or origin of any of Made In Scotland’s goods or services. You may only use the Made In Scotland brand in compliance with the aforementioned Made In Scotland guidelines. 

It is forbidden to utilise the Made In Scotland brand in a manner that conflicts with the guidelines. The guidelines are subject to revision or updating at any moment, in Made In Scotland’s sole discretion. Below you’ll find our Brand Guidelines in full detail. Find inside our logo variations and fonts for spreading the word about our brand.

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