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Creating a recognisable brand that is memorable and engaging to your target audience. Our team is experienced in print & web media.

Creating unique, memorable business identities

Logo design.

A logo is not just a graphic symbol that uniquely represents your company or brand. Through years of experience at Made In Scotland, we’ve learned that a logo is about more than just a personal perception of your business, it is all about customer service, reputation and most importantly, recognition amongst your customers. All these values together create a healthy business branding image that increases the company’s success and its effectiveness in acquiring loyal customers.

From sketch to screen.

There are four basic principles to making a good logo. It must be appropriate, distinctive, simple and memorable. Our dedicated designers will implement the project this way based on experience, aiming for full satisfaction to meet your expectations. Do not hesitate to invest in a professional logo right away – this investment will pay off for you. Trust our vision and experience, remembering that our mission is to create projects that enable our clients to be successful.

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Timeless design that will never go out of style.

In fact, many logo designs are never love at first sight. They need time to develop and grow on us. Logos take on meaning and power over time. The simpler the logo is, the more recognisable it becomes and the easier it is for us to identify the company it represents. We believe in the power of thoughtful, economical and engaging design because modern language is the language of images.

Let’s get it right.

It is never a good idea to design a logo without completing in-depth analysis. The consequences of using the wrong logo can effect sales and perception of your business. Our designers understand that you have a specific vision of your business branding and are accustomed to what you already have, but will do everything in their power to ensure your business stands out from your competitors.

Check our logofolio.

We've gathered a selection of some of our best logo designs so you can view our talented designers' work for yourself, all in the one place.

Quality Counts

Print media.​

The printed form of advertising is an art in itself – both in terms of graphic design and customer service, because what would a company be without branded merchandise?
Our offer includes business cards, brochures, rollup banners and many other advertising materials.
We know how to prepare a file to meet the print requirements and we will design and print all advertising materials according to your needs.

Drive Brand Awareness

Vehicle graphic.​

Do you have a company car and would like to use it for promotion? No problem! Your commitment to your own brand should be expressed, in addition to many standard graphic designs. We have had the opportunity to carry out many interesting vehicle graphics orders for our clients – it’s a great idea to promote your business. If you are looking for an agency that will transfer your visions to your vehicle, we offer graphic design for car wrapping – among our services you will find a number of possibilities, from creating company car labels to advertising graphics for cars. From now on, wherever you go, your brand will also be recognizable.

Look good on a shelf

Product design.​​

Packing your product? Require graphic design for the packaging? Your product should look beautiful on the store shelf, or maybe you just want to pack it nicely before shipping? We are well aware that the product and the packaging must complement each other, creating a coherent whole. We always follow the principle that the packaging should be functional and catch the customer’s eye, but at the same time not be of huge expense to your business. Your product deserves an out-of-the-ordinary look, and we are ready to provide you with that.



From infographics to large interiors, illustrations can transform spaces and adding a mascot to your brand is a great option to bring energy and visually convey the values ​​of your business. There are many examples of illustrations in branding. Not only do they make the brand memorable, but our clients have a lot of fun using them in various campaigns. It is a way of visual communication that is able to convey mood and feelings, for example, funny illustrations can bring humour to the brand. Our designers are able to provide your company with unique illustrations that will influence the perception of your brand.

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