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We offer a variety of web design and development services to get your business online whether it be a standard brochure website or a full e-commerce platform.​

Research and Development

Initial concept.

For over 10 years Made in Scotland has specialised in web design and development, creating industry-leading, modern, high-performing websites that position our clients for success in todays dynamic world.  Whether you are looking to create a new website or revamp an existing one, our team will give you confidence in making the right step towards gaining online popularity within your industry. Each website is planned extensively to research your target market and determine the most effective solution to grow success.

User focused design

Web design.

It is crucial to work with a design studio dedicated to creating stunning, user-focused websites that return results based on your business goals. You won’t find any templated themes here, instead our creators aspire to build fresh brand recognition through well thought out strategies, effective user-interface design and encapsulating visuals.

Adaptable and Accessible Content

Responsive websites.​

Responsive web design tells your website to respond to the users behaviour, environment, screen size, platform and orientation. This can encompass a mix of flexible grids and layouts which adapt your website to suit each users prefered platform which in turn increases your potential for engagement and customer enquiries.

Flexible layout.

It is important that your website functions and looks consitent across every mobile and desktop device, catering to all user groups.

Flexible layout.

It is important that your website functions and looks consistent across every mobile and desktop device, catering to all user groups.

High performance.

All our websites are heavily optimised to ensure your business is displayed quickly to your customers anywhere in the world.

1-Click contact.

All your phone numbers and email contact links will instantly call/email your business once clicked on mobile browsers.

User experience.

We adapt your website to allow for ease of navigation, readability and accessibility on smaller screen sizes.

Hamilton Bid Homepage Concept V3 – 1 Hamilton Bid Homepage Concept V3

Strategic Approach

Web development.​

At Made In Scotland we focus on an innovative approach to create a strategy that ensures visitors stay on your website and engage with your services. We have a proven track record in delivering projects for a variety of different sectors which allows us to expertly advise you on the best case scenario to increase and advertise your business online.

Our websites are built on the WordPress platform allowing you access to a vast array of 3rd party integrations, content editors, social feeds, booking systems and e-commerce functionality.

Check our portfolio.

We have collated our top projects in one place for you to see the high-quality standard of web design and development work produced by our talented designers and developers.

Selling your products through your own website


Having the ability to sell directly from your own website has massive advantages over mainstream shopping platforms such as Shopify. Therefore, when it comes to online shops we always aim to create a user-friendly shopping experience that returns value and exposure to your business. Manage all your products, services, orders, refunds and digital downloads all from your personalised shop portal. Not tech-savvy? Don’t worry, we can organise team training sessions and youtube video tutorials to keep you on the right track towards success.

Let customers book their stay online

Booking system.

If you’re looking to increase bookings for your property, it is key your website is performing and visually gives the best possible representation.

Our experienced team can help create a website which is an effective marketing tool for your premises whether it be hotels, cottages, campervans, or any other bookable premises. Implementing the latest on-site booking software allows you to control every aspect of the property including availability, additional extras and much more. This gives full control over all bookings and helps you avoid the charges from third-party applications.

However, should you wish to sync your website’s calendar with third party applications such as and Airbnb, this is something our team are experienced in achieving ensuring your property availability remains consistent throughout the web.

Easy to use courses online


E-learning is primarily associated with training and education sectors, but that’s not all. These platforms are also becoming increasingly used within business. Working closely with businesses on the content of their courses, we have helped create intuitive, easy-to-use e-courses for many years, with clients from a variety of industries. Learn about the numerous benefits of implementing employee training paths in an e-learning platform.

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