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Showcase your products, services and people accurately across your website, socials and printed marketing materials.

Difference between a good and a great website

Business photography.​

Having your own photos on your website and social media are worth any price! If you are fed up with stock photography and you care about a strong, professional image of your brand, as well as building relationships with customers, take advantage of our offering that will present your company in a unique way. Unique photos will not escape your client’s attention!

accurate representation of your business

Team photography.​

At Made In Scotland, we like to showcase our customers true values in their photos. The overall image of the company online is influenced by the first visual recognition of your business. Professional images of your team are the key to aesthetics that builds a credible image of your brand and a bond with the client at first sight.

Get creative with advertising

Product photography.​

Displaying your products online both accurately and professionally can be the difference between customers buying from your website or seeking an alternative. Our photography aims to capture your products in the best possible light to obtain crystal clear imagery which remains on brand and increases engagement. Using the latest Canon mirrorless camera technology, you can be sure that your footage is of the best possible quality whilst promoting your business values and brand.

Check our photofolio.

The quality of photos you use can make or break your brand image. We can guarantee high-quality results through our professional photography services. View some of our best snaps we have gathered on our photofolio page.

Always Sharp and full of detail

Drone filming.​​

Our team has 2 licensed drone pilots, both very well experienced in flying in various weather conditions and tight challenging settings. Using aerial shots is becoming an increasingly popular feature to have on your website or socials giving customers a unique view on your organisation, services, vehicles or completed projects.

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Eagle eye views

Drone photography.​​

Showcase your business from an aerial perspective. At Made In Scotland, we capture high-quality drone photography and thanks to today’s technology, every company can uniquely present their business. Pictures and videos taken from the air can be used in many different ways, including web, social media and even as a promotional offer.

Communicate through motion

Video production.​

When you are showcasing your brand to huge audiences we understand that high quality video content and seamless story telling is essential. Our expert team pay close attention to understand the brief and your brand audience before storyboarding concepts are created. From there we move onto a production plan which details all logistics and information needed for the shoot to run smoothly. Editing is planned to ensure your video matches the source we are developing wether it be social marketing, TV advertising or for website usage.

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InsideOut App
InsideOut App
Keedwell Scotland Promo
Keedwell Scotland Promo
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Stanford Logistics Promo

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