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At Made In Scotland, we offer high-performance and scalable web hosting services using nothing but the latest tools and technologies.

Optimal performance online

Web hosting.​​

No matter how good your website may be, having poor hosting services can cause disruption and give a negative perception of your business. With downtime, slow loading speeds and low security being a few of the main issues you can receive from a below average web host.

Each hosting provider partnered with Made In Scotland has their servers based in the UK. Which not only gives a better performance to client websites, but offering real time support with no time zone delays. These secure UK servers offer 100% guaranteed network uptime, IL4 security standards and with daily backups taken server wide. You can rest assured your website is in a safe environment.

Quad Core

Dell R240 server
  • Dell R240
  • Intel Xeon CPU
  • 4.0 GHz Quad Core
  • 16GB RAM
  • Unlimited Storage
  • RAID 1

Improve your speed

Website optimisation.​

The performance of a website is key and given the modern demands of visitors browsing your site, it is vital your website loads quicker than ever. Having your website load faster can give increased conversion rates, provide a better user experience, and give your business the edge over competitors.

We can find out exactly how your website is performing through our Metrix testing and deploy our optimisation software to improve this.

safe, secure and backed up

Website maintenance.

The team at Made in Scotland take pride in producing bespoke, functional, innovative websites. We include a care plan to help our clients ensure that their website is professionally maintained.

We do this to guarantee that each individual website is properly updated which includes plugin/license updates, backups to our secure server and specific instances of routine maintenance to pages.

Our care plans can be adapted to suit every client’s needs, which can include daily, weekly, or monthly updates to content and enhancements to the functionality of the site.

Should you wish to find out more of what is included as part of our support and maintenance packages, get in touch with us for further details.

Knowing our customers and how help them

Customer support.​​

Our team pride themselves on delivering a high level of customer service. This has seen us retain clients for a number of years. We are always available to offer our expertise, whether it be through digital advice or support on your website.

As well as providing clients with a detailed monthly report which features website traffic statistics etc. We arrange to have 1-2-1 calls or meetings on a regular basis to ensure we are always striving to improve your business online.

Evolve through time

Website upgrades.

Working with a business to create a brand new online profile, website, brand and strategy is our preference at Made In Scotland. We can take our collective ideas from inception to product.

However, we aren’t unaccustomed to taking over a project which may be in process or completed and putting our own stamp on this to help ensure the client achieves the best possible potential from their website. We can shift you to our hosting platform, deploy our performance enhancing software and support you in moving forward with the site.

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