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Frequently Asked Questions.

We have collated all our frequently asked questions below that we hear time and time again through customer contact and exhibition events. They are categorised in relation to each of our services, if you have a burning question that is not on our list below please contact us here.

Most consumers today are online based and searching for business services via the internet, if your business does not have a website you effectively have no online advertising. Having a website in place for your business means customers can find you via Google and other search engines to engage with your services.

It is always best to consider what information you want to convey to your customers firstly and then try to structure this information into relevant categories. We can advise on how best to structure the pages on your website and also give direction to content creation.

This completely depends on what you need, our smaller brochure websites can be built in around 2-3 weeks providing we have all the required content within the timescales. With larger more functional websites these can take from 6-8 weeks to properly design website wireframes, concepts, customer flows, databases etc.. The best way to determine this is to provide us with what you need your website to do and we will give you a rough timeframe for development and launch.

Yes! Redesigning your website from time to time can keep it fresh and current with modern design trends and user requirements. We always advise redesigning your website onto our platform which enables you to easily maintain your own content and make much needed changes by yourself. As always we offer support and maintenance contract if you want us to handle all the updating of software and content on your behalf.

Yes. We will initially run a performance check to ensure your website is running as intended and all relevant security software is updated. Following this we will provide you a cost to maintain your website each month or if you would prefer we can also provide an annual cost for maintenance and support.

This depends on what type of website you want but generally, we could need:

Photos of your team & place of work – (our in-house photographer can arrange a photo shoot at your location if you require headshots/photos).

Content for the website – (text, images, video, PDF’s etc..)

Product Images and descriptions/sizing – This is only required if you are building an E-commerce website.

Good response time with communications – Occasionally we will need some of your input/feedback on design concepts, typography, images, video and functionality. It is great if we can maintain a constant chain of communication throughout the project to ensure we meet the deadlines of the website build and keep everything running as smoothly as possible.

When a potential customer visits your website they will initially perceive the quality of your services in relation to the appearance of the website design. Customers tend to buy with their eyes so if your website landing page and product images are not high quality and engaging the chances of losing that customer are much higher.

Yes. We offer very competitive pricing on our support and maintenance packages to keep your website operating smoothly at all times.

Yes. Our platform of choice offers the ability to allow client content changes without impacting the structure and layout of the pages on your website. We also offer a free 1 hour training session to all clients that take a website build with Made in Scotland to ensure you know what your doing when it comes to content editing.

Yes. We have built many E-Commerce solutions over the years each with unique features and functionality. We can integrate your website shop with stock management software and delivery applications.

No. We offer a worldwide web design and development service by communicating remotely through virtual meetings. We have previously worked with a number of clients overseas to develop branding and web applications that offer great return on investment.

All our websites are designed to be as responsive as possible covering screen sizes from older mobile devices all the way up to 5K Mac desktops.

We offer content creation as a separate service provided by our in-house content writer and photographer. The advantage of having our team handle your content writing is that it will be more SEO friendly and help assist your Google search rankings in conjunction with PPC (pay per click ads).

Unfortunately we only host WordPress sites on our server, we like to focus on the one platform which we know very well and have worked with for over 10 years +.

This is a question we get asked time and time again and it is a very hard to answer as everyone’s website is solely based on different needs and requirements based on their business goals. The best way to get a price for your website is to drop us a quick email detailing what you are looking for and we will get back to you asap with rough costings to cover the development of your site.

Yes. We can provide high quality stocks from our multiple suppliers.

The process we use to build websites takes a defined amount of time, a lot of research and planning in order to meet your business goals and make your website a great return on investment. All our websites are custom designed to suit the industry and business we are working with to create an online sales tool capable of promoting your brand for the future.

This depends on what website package you choose, we normally offer SEO as a separate service to your website build but there are massive advantages to be gained by doing this within the build process which can drastically increase your Google search rankings.

 If you choose to host your website with us there is an additional cost of £200 per year only after the first year of your website build.

Web hosting is required in order to get your website online. This is the space that your website is stored on our server and allows users/customers access to your site.

Our designers and developers will provide you with a link to your project on our test server which you can access at anytime from any device.

We would always advise purchasing your own domain name, we can advise on the best domain names for your business website if required and also provide a number of reputable hosts that we regularly use for domain purchases.

Sure, we can purchase and retain control of your domain on your behalf. When it comes to transferring your domain offer a no-hassle transfer to the company of your choice.

We have a few options when it comes to payment for your website:

Option 1: We charge half of the amount of your website upfront before designing any wireframes/concepts and half on completion of the project before your website goes live.

Option 2: You can spread the cost of your website over 1 or 2 years with a monthly contract, interest-free.

You can have as many email accounts as you want for your business, We use only Google Workspace (G Suite) or Microsoft Office 365 to setup emails, therefore you can have as many email accounts as you want for your business as both systems are based on a cost per user, per month model.

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