Web Design Trends for 2020 and Colour of the Year

Traditionally, we have entered the New Year with a forecast of the trends that will be the most important throughout the year. The latest trends in the design and implementation of websites are important to the industry. This is because they determine certain solutions that after a while become standard.

What can we expect in 2020?

The world is constantly moving forward and this year we will continue to follow the trend of mobile first. Meaning creating websites for users browsing websites on mobile devices and these versions will be treated as the most important. To confirm this trend, it should be remembered that some time ago mobile traffic significantly exceeded desktop traffic. Optimisation is also very important – i.e. only optimised and fast applications, websites or online stores are acceptable.

Google algorithms are no longer supporting or promoting sites that have outdated code, non-responsive versions, or – horrifically – are created in Flash. Another trend from previous years that will be well known to us from social media – no pagination. This simple solution that has already entered the canon of creating websites consists of loading the next batch of content in the background. Thanks to this the user does not have to switch between subpages.

The hit of recent months is … scroll to the side and the marquee effect, that is, text swimming in a horizontal plane. This use of visual treatment gives the designed sites lightness – with an economical and minimal style, they look very modern but elegant at the same time. Another trend: strong cuts, no shadows and strict design. At first glance, it resembles excel tables, separated by black lines. Plus, betting on maximum colour contrast. Such treatments are often used in online stores with clothing or footwear. Thanks to such economical and raw graphic form, can display their collections and products – product photos look very good here.

Over the past year, more and more often we had to choose: day and night mode – not only when it comes to smartphone software or social media portals. Increasingly, we see such solutions on websites. We will also see animated logos – the simpler the better (less is more)! We do not mean Marvel animation, but rather delicate and insignificant movements that will “do the job”. Another interesting trend is basing the layout of a website on one large photograph and building the whole design around it. Of course, well-chosen and balanced typography is also significant here. However, the combination of these two solutions can give really stunning results.

Pantone colour of the year.

“It’s a colour that anticipates what’s going to happen next”

You can expect to see a lot of blue this year, in particular the Pantone colour of the year… PANTONE 19-4052 – Classic Blue.

Will you incorporate Classic Blue into your 2020?

At Made In Scotland, we make it our job to keep up to date on all the latest trends. If you’re interested in our services, please get in touch.

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