Communicating with customers in your network

Modern customers have no time to wait, everything must happen here and now. Their high expectations are usually accompanied by a lack of patience. These requirements translate into the online and virtual world, with rising expectations for websites.

In recent years, the mechanism of navigating the web for users has changed significantly. The criteria for choosing who has the best offering has evolved along with these changing trends. What factors determine user’s engagement in such? What elements of websites are important to them? And, how do you communicate with a new customer to gain their trust and loyalty?

Below are four key elements that help influence a user’s perception of a website, helping to build positive customer ties.


A website that follows current trends, both in design and usability, is a must have. Especially for a company that cares about its image and perception. Effective structure of the site, ease of navigation, interactivity and consistency of all elements on the site, are all expected by potential customers. Valuable content combined with the architecture of this, has an affect on the site. This helps to improve communication between your brand and the recipients.

Valuable content

From the point of view of a modern customer, not only the design of the site is important, but also its content. The high level of competition in the market and the congestion of information that follows from it, means that recipients can often get lost in a maze of data. To reach the largest number of potential customers, valuable content is extremely important and the quality of the content you share with your audience directly affects their perception of your brand.

Ease of access, mobile

The large majority of us cannot imagine life without a smartphone. Having easy and quick access to information makes life easier and saves valuable time. It is with the help of smartphones that users will most often browse a network and communicate with companies of their choice. Therefore, it is extremely important to adapt the website to mobile devices. The accessibility of a company’s website on smartphones or tablets helps facilitate communication with a potential customer and builds a positive brand image.

Keep in touch – social media

Your company’s presence on social media is key to building relationships with potential customers, as well as existing. A company page allows you to stay up to date with market expectations and respond to the needs reported by recipients. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. accounts, are a great way to not only present your brand’s offer, but also to build loyalty and trust with customers.

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