Ekos – Website Launch

We are excited to announce the launch of the new EKOS website. EKOS specialises in providing independent and evidence-based research services for economic and social development. Our objective was to design & develop a new website that would reflect EKOS’s level of professionalism and showcase their unique economic research and social development services. In order to design a layout that would suit the needs of the business, we structured out a site map detailing the hierarchy of each page, sub-page and the user journey in between.

Also, we kept the design very open utilising white space where possible to highlight important calls to action and threw in some ultra-trendy line icons to bring a creative touch to their corporate services.
On the homepage, the first thing you will see is the EKOS logo followed by an inviting shot of Glasgow over the river Clyde, a short distance from the EKOS offices which we had the pleasure of visiting to capture updated headshot photography for the new website. You can meet the team and check out their photos on the website by clicking here.

EKOS requested an interactive blog archive on the new website to highlight featured publications across a variety of different sectors and services, which tie into each sector page allowing the user to easily browse sector-related articles quickly without navigating to another page.

Furthermore, some other custom features throughout the website are:

  • PDF upload forms
  • Interactive side pop-out contact forms
  • Blog archive
  • Custom photography
  • High-quality image sourcing
  • SVG graphics
  • Multi-device responsive design

You can read about our full build progress on the case study which is available on our website.
Visit EKOS at ekos-consultants.co.uk

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