Funding your website build and how to apply for funding.

Funding for a website is possible if you are a business owner looking to launch a new product or a service. You can also receive one to improve the design of existing products or services. Under certain criteria, you may be eligible to receive funding for a website grant.

VAT registered companies in Scotland (except Highlands and Islands) who are looking to develop new products or services are potentially eligible for the grant. Non-VAT registered applicants may be considered if they have pre-approval for a VAT exemption.

Whilst you don’t have to be trading, you do have to be able to describe how the grant will help take your product or service to market. You can find more information on business development funding by contacting us below.

Why apply for funding?

  • Design a new product or service or improve the design of existing products or services
  • Hire a designer to help improve your business processes
  • Updated branding and packaging as part of a larger innovation project. However, this must not make up the whole of the project
  • External research providing information on customer needs and wants
  • Hire an expert to help write a design brief or prepare a design blueprint
  • Develop a more user-friendly approach to new product development
  • Hire an expert to help your business use design more effectively
  • Designing and developing a prototype as long as the prototype has no commercial value
  • Designing and developing a website, as long as the website is part of the project. The web design costs must also not exceed 10% of the total eligible project costs


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