How Getting a Website is Like Buying a Car

When speaking to current and potential clients, the team here at Made In Scotland Agency like to explain our website vs car analogy.

Simply having a website in place for a business serves no purpose other than a reference point, it is vital that time and growth is invested in your site to receive a Return On Investment (ROI).

Our car analogy gives a simpler, more relatable explanation of this:

Initial build.

You wouldn’t attempt to build your car, so why build your own website? Just as much as it makes sense to visit a car dealer or manufacturer. It also makes sense to seek a digital agency to create your online presence.

Many people see this as a cost-effective route however, what it costs you in time and troubleshooting you are much better served using industry professionals.

Looks aren’t everything.

As we know some of the nicest looking cars can come with issues under the hood. This is much the same in web design. You can have a fantastic looking website but is everything working in the background. However, is it totally secure and performing as it should?

Development and design are equally as important.

Maintenance and support.

Generally speaking, once your website is launched it becomes your responsibility. Similar to when you buy a car and drive it out of the showroom.

However, you wouldn’t drive your new car without insurance, tax and a service/mot plan, therefore why would you have a website without the proper support in place?

It is vital you have support from a web company to prevent hacking, performance issues and help to make any updates to content, etc.

Marketing fuel.

You have your new car but refuse to add any fuel to it? This would mean you’re unable to go anywhere in your car. Your website is the exact same, the analogy “build it and they will come” unfortunately doesn’t apply. It is vital to implement an effective Digital Marketing strategy for your site.

You can drive users into your website using a variety of methods, be it SEO, Google Ads or Social Media, to avoid your site falling by the wayside and becoming irrelevant.

We hope our website vs car analogy was useful in the understanding of what is involved in getting a website. If you would like more help or to discuss our services, please contact us.

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