Andersen Caledonia.

Andersen Caledonia are sterilisation and laboratory testing specialists. Since their origin in 1997, they have continuously advanced the methods used for infection prevention and contamination control to combat the ever-evolving microbiological and environmental challenges faced by their customers. Their professional, friendly and flexible customer service approach enables them to handle complex problems with skill and efficiency. While located in the UK their customer base is global and covers all areas of the healthcare industry. Today, through strategic growth and continual innovation, Andersen Caledonia is the largest independent sterilisation organisation in the UK.

Project Launched: MAY 2023

Branding your business

Colour Palette.

We provided Andersen Caledonia with a variety of colour palettes which we felt suited their brand and fit well with the company values. The light blue primary colour was used to provide a sense of reliability, cleanliness, trust and is associated with tranquility and calmness. which is fundamental to Andersen Caledonia’s brand values. The dark blue used is often associated with intelligence, reassurance and trust and is a preferred colour for large corporations. Blue is often used by banks and healthcare companies. The green was used to show the growth Andersen Caledonia can help your company achieve. 



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RGB: 0/172/244


HTML: #24578B

CMYK: 74% 37% 0% 45%

RGB: 36/87/139


HTML: #00D46F

CMYK: 100% 0% 48% 17%

RGB: 0/212/111


HTML: #008A78

CMYK: 100% 0% 13% 46%

RGB: 0/138/120


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RGB: 0/0/0

andersen caledonia wireframe andersen caledoni concept


Web design.

Andersen Caledonia showcases our expertise in crafting visually stunning interfaces while maintaining a strong focus on functionality and the ultimate user experience.

When we created the Andersen Caledonia website, we ensured to maintain consistency across all pages which helps boost the chances of turning visitors into customers through our digital marketing efforts.

Professional design and development

Web Development.

The website effectively presents the company’s skills and product range by seamlessly integrating captivating imagery, user-friendly navigation, and informative content. Featuring a responsive design, the Andersen Caledonia website guarantees a highly functional user experience on different devices, enabling users to effortlessly browse the company’s services and stay informed about the latest technological advancements. The development team emphasised functionality, performance, and aesthetics to create a refined and immersive online platform that mirrors Andersen Caledonia’s dedication to excellence.

Simplify the booking process


Andersen Caledonia recognised the value of incorporating an e-commerce platform into their website, appreciating the significant benefits it offers to businesses. This approach allows for tailored product customisation, including categories and variations, along with the flexibility to design the platform according to specific requirements. Moreover, it enhances the user experience by simplifying product navigation on the website.

Client Gains

Project Outcomes.

Since the new Andersen Caledonia website went live they have seen a vast increase in user traffic. This has helped boost the amount of users and sales from the website. 

Our experience with Made In Scotland has been a very positive one. Adam and Damian have been extremely responsive and helpful and have made the process of setting up our new website a fluent and easy one. We would highly recommend using Made in Scotland.
Emma Halley
6th | Sep | 2023

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Web Design Web Development E-Commerce

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