Aspirare Recruitment.

Aspirare Recruitment is an established recruitment company based in Hamilton, Lanarkshire covering both permanent and contract markets. They cover a variety of business sectors including Finance & Accountancy, Administration, Construction, Customer Service, Distribution, Engineering, Facilities Management, Information Technology, Logistics, Manufacturing, Production, Recruitment, Sales & Marketing and Warehouse.

Project Launched: JANUARY 2022

Branding your business

Colour Palette.

We decided to use of the colour orange in Aspirare Recruitment’s branding to convey a sense friendliness and warmth. Orange is a commonly used colour for “call to action” buttons as it draws the users’ attention. The monochrome tones of grey, black and white were used to add a professional, corporate feel. Furthermore, grey, black and white tones are easier to read against a contrasting background.


HTML: #F59D25

CMYK: 0% 36% 85% 4%

RGB: 245/157/37


HTML: #F8B133

CMYK: 0% 29% 79% 3%

RGB: 248/177/51


HTML: #70706F

CMYK: 0% 0% 1% 56%

RGB: 112/112/111



CMYK: 0% 0% 0% 0%

RGB: 255/255/255


HTML: #181818

CMYK: 73% 67% 65% 79%

RGB: 24/24/24

Branding and identity

Logo Design.

When creating the Aspirare Recruitment logo, one of our designers developed a few different concepts and presented them to the team to gauge an opinion, where upon it was decided that we would use the final logo design. This design was picked due to the use of arrows which can help to convey a brand’s “direction,” giving it a feeling of movement and energy, which works well with the past paced nature of the recruitment industry. Arrows are often associated with progress and aspiration which links perfectly with Aspirare’s core business values and beliefs.

Aspirare Recruitment - Final Logo Design

Professional design and development

Website Design.​

Our team helped rebrand and redesign their website with a booking software to help digitally organise and facilitate their happy customers bookings. The sleek and fun design of the website was created with the intention of all visitors having a clear understanding of all their services such as: types of campers, pricing & availability, things to do, and reviews Happy Haggis had to offer.


User Login.

Aspirare Recruitment required a login system to clients to upload their CV to the website. In order to facilitate this, we installed a user-friendly software allowing customers to login and access their account online in an easy-to-use environment.


Job Search.

A directory was created to allow clients to search for jobs suitable to them. This ensures that users of the website can find what they need faster and more efficiently, meaning the path to applying or enquiring is even easier. The search can also be filtered by industry, location and contract type.


Job Sectors.

Aspirare Recruitment required a large amount of text information to be added to the website as they cover a wide variety of sectors across the recruitment market.

Client Gains

Project Outcomes.

Since launching the new Aspirare website, they have seen a vast traffic increase to the site as well as a surge in CV uploads and enquiries.

These guys are so talented in terms of creation, lateral thinking and results, different class.
Martin McCrum - Aspirare
3rd | Mar | 2022

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Branding Web Design Web Development Graphic Design Print Design

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