Ekos Consultants.

EKOS is a leading independent consultancy practice, established in 1993, who specialise in economic and social research. Working across a broad portfolio, they help their clients to deliver economic growth and promote social well-being. Their team brings expertise, insight and passion to their work which helps create lasting value.

Project Launched: NOVEMBER 2019

Branding your business

Colour Palette.

We provided EKOS Consultants with a variety of colour palettes which we felt suited their brand and fit well with the company values, from these examples we then narrowed it down to 2 primary colours, a secondary colour, and a standard black and white tone. The blue primary colour was used to provide a sense of stability and trust which is fundamental to EKOS’ brand values. Blue is often used by banks and healthcare companies. The green was used to show the growth EKOS can help your company achieve. The black and white tones are used to create a professional corporate feel.


HTML: #2158A5

CMYK: 80% 47% 0% 35%

RGB: 33/88/165


HTML: #95C11F

CMYK: 23% 0% 84% 24%

RGB: 149/193/31


HTML: #54595F

CMYK: 12% 6% 0% 63%

RGB: 84/89/95



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RGB: 255/255/255


HTML: #000000

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RGB: 0/0/0


Website Design.

The website for EKOS Consultants was designed to be clean and professional by the use of whitespace which allows for ease of use. Our client wanted to ensure their services were at the forefront of the website to ensure visitors to the site knew exactly what they do without being too text heavy. The homepage features an image of the River Clyde which relates closely to the initial logo design. This was chosen as EKOS are based in Glasgow.

ekos before ekos after



Ekos were looking to rebrand and so asked us to create a new logo design along with brand guidelines and templated branded documents for the business. This will not only ensure that the business continues to move with the times but also provides consistency across the entirety of the business. Furthermore, rebranding can also help you connect with a new audience.


Logo Design.

We had to ensure the new logo/branding for EKOS provided modernisation of the current logo and ensured a timeless look to carry the business forward for the coming years. The initial logo concept design features a wave of blue which represents the River Clyde as EKOS are based in Glasgow. This eventually developed into the final logo design which merges the green and blue to give a gradient effect. The design was kept clean and simple to give a professional feel. Furthermore, the typography is easy to read which allows the EKOS wordmark to stand out.

eKOS - Final Logo DesigN

User Directions

Brand Guideline & Templates.

Ekos Consultants asked us to create branded document templates including templated branded Word documents with included styling for tables/charts, templated branded Excel spreadsheet, and templated branded PowerPoint slides. Brand guidelines assist in showing a company’s partners, clients, and other authorised third parties in using their brand identity correctly. The branded documents and brand guidelines will ensure all staff at EKOS can retain consistency in all document/marketing creation and distribution.

Put a Face To your Brand

Team Photos.

We had the pleasure of visiting our clients at EKOS Consultants to take team headshots for their website, social media and any future print works. Choosing to have professional headshots and team photos on your website and social channels is a great way to relay your company’s vibe to potential customers. Many companies advertising their team members notice a higher engagement rate through social channels like LinkedIn and Facebook. Implementing a meet the team section on your website allows customers to engage with your story and follow along on your journey.

Client Gains

Project Outcomes.

Since the new EKOS Consultants’ website went live they have seen a vast increase in user traffic. This has helped boost the amount of users and engagement to the website. 

Darren and the team were hard working and (very) patient in helping us design and build our new website and arranging our profile pics. Really happy with the final version and hits the brief we asked Made in Scotland to develop. It looks clean and professional, the functionality is much improved and should be easier to update and maintain going forward. Go check out the website to see the shiney new site!
Chris - Ekos
5th | Dec | 2019

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Branding Web Design Web Development Graphic Design Team Photography
Branding Web Design Web Development Graphic Design Team Photography

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