Perfect Balance Studio.

Perfect Balance Studio is a beautifully designed and tranquil studio offering a range of specialised therapy and relaxation including Yoga, Reiki Healing and Callanetics. All who visit the studio are treated with the utmost confidentiality. Margo, a fully trained Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master gives a unique, relaxing and stress free experience.

Project Launched: May 2020

Project elements


When designing a new logo & branding for any client we take careful time to research the organisation thoroughly to create a unique and recognisable logo mark with a colour scheme that compliments the company values and target audience. When working with Perfect Balance Studio, we provided a number of logo concepts with various fonts and colour examples allowing the client to share these designs with their team to give us all important feedback and direction. Once the logo has been decided we can start to build a brand identity aligning colour, typography, design elements and alternative logos for social and print media.

Branding your business

Colour Palette.

We developed a variety of colour palettes which we felt suited their new brand direction and fit well with the company values, from these examples we then narrowed it down to 4 main colours and 2 standard black & white tones.The colour palette we created uses a variety of colours to represent balance and tranquility. The purple primary colour is often associated with stability and calmness, along with the blue, orange and green accent colours to establish a connection with nature. As always we provide detailed information to our clients on how to effectively use these colour schemes in our branding guides.

Primary Colour

HTML: #8B2459

CMYK: 0% 74% 36% 45%

RGB: 139/36/89


HTML: #181819

CMYK: 4% 4% 0% 90%

RGB: 24/24/25

Accent Colour


CMYK: 77% 17% 0% 24%

RGB: 45/162/195

Accent Colour

HTML: #D7742A

CMYK: 0% 46% 80% 16%

RGB: 215/116/42

Accent Colour

HTML: #248B51

CMYK: 74% 0% 42% 45%

RGB: 36/139/81

Branding and identity

Logo Design.

Before beginning the design process, we put some research into creating a logo and branding which would best represent the values and beliefs of Perfect Balance Studio as a business. The final logo design is a lotus flower outline which represents strength, resilience, and rebirth. The line surrounding the wordmark links into the lotus logo which creates a smooth, flowing sense, adding to the overall feel of the brand.

Perfect Balance - Final Logo Design

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Website Design.

Perfect Balance are long-standing clients of Made In Scotland and recently asked us to re-design the Perfect Balance website to host a premium video section where their clients could attend online yoga and callanetics classes during lockdown. We also changed the website layout to allow for these new changes and styled the pages to reflect a more modern layout which is easier for the customers to read and interact with the content.
Client Gains

Project Outcomes.

Since the re-design of the Perfect Balance website, they have seen a vast increase in user traffic and customers signing up to their online classes. This has helped boost the amount of users that attend classes and subscribe to the clients monthly/annual memberships.

Thank you again to Perfect Balance Studio for the opportunity to work with you.

Perfect Balance has from the beginning enjoyed a professional and friendly support from everyone at Made in Scotland. They have created and built our successful webpage and assisted with growth as we progressed. I cannot speak highly enough of their talents and expertise along with their patience and creativity to continually ensure we deliver our company to the world. Our thanks to all of you.

Tom Nasmyth - Perfect Balance
23rd | June | 2013

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