Scotica is an award-winning production house, creating environmental, adventure and ethical films, in Scotland and all over the world. They use film to tell stories about wild spaces, and form powerful bonds between organisations, the public and our natural landscape. Their vision is to become a leading voice in inspiring people to experience and protect wild spaces throughout the UK and beyond.

Project Launched: DECEMBER 2022

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Colour Palette.

The navy blue colour used signifies the depth in which Scotica immerse themselves into capturing the best video shots. Furthermore, Scotica have created several underwater films linking the navy blue used throughout the site to the water in which they’ve filmed.


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RGB: 17/42/59



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RGB: 255/255/255


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RGB: 18/18/18


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Professional design and development

Website Design.​

We were given the creative freedom to design a website for Scotica Film. We ensured to incorporate their stunning videography throughout the site to showcase their work while in-keeping with a modern, minimalistic and creative design for the website.

Professional design and development

Website Development.

Although, this website was more focused on the visual aesthetic, it still includes a great deal of functionality. Each section is animated upon rolling over each image and includes a contact form. The website was built on WordPress which is highly user friendly which will allow the team at Scotica to easily add new projects and news posts themselves.



Scotica Film are all about quality which is why displaying their amazing videography from companies they have collaborated with is the perfect opportunity to display a portfolio on their website as it allows them to showcase their work which can encourage new business from potential clients. 

Client Gains

Project Outcomes.

Scotica’s new website has resulted in a visually stunning and user focused design. Not only can users land on the website and proceed to easily navigate their way through, but are immersed in the amazing videography. Since the launch, Scotica has seen a noticeable increase in traffic.

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Web Design Web Development

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