You Can Group.

You Can Group provides a professional service to their clients offering expertise in project performance management. Our client has over 20 years experience in business and project management coaching entailing high profile project recoveries and a genuine passion for project enhancement and delivery for clients and their customers. The business operates globally working with small to large organisations with focus on improving the development of individuals.

Project Launched: April 2021

Project elements


Quite often when a client comes to us they will already have a logo in place for their business but may not have a vector version of the file, we take your jpg/png logo and recreate it using Illustrator allowing us to make your logo scalable to any size for online and print usage. We provide you with all your new vector logo files which can be used on any major print supplier to create merchandise, apparel, uniforms and promotional materials to support your business.

Branding your business

Colour Palette.

We worked with the already existing colour scheme from You Can Group's logo and added a few neutral colours to balance out the website content and accents, With the website being a dark theme we payed close attention to make sure the text content was of adequete sizing and thickness to be easily readable for all users. We replicated this colour palette across all of You Can Group's branded marketing materials and stationery to create a consistant professional digital identity across the whole organisation.

Primary Colour


CMYK: 42% 11% 0% 0%

RGB: 142/194/232

Background Tone


CMYK: 0% 0% 0% 0%

RGB: 255 255 255


HTML: #56575b

CMYK: 65% 57% 32% 22%

RGB: 85/87/91

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Website Design.

After our virtual discovery sessions with the client via Zoom we had a good idea in which direction to follow in order to keep the website minimalistic and simplistic. Our designer wished to convey the business's to-the-point approach to project management and coaching within the structure of the pages, keeping all the content in nice easy to read bitesize chunks and utilising effective UI design to remove the need for images except for on profile pages.
Client Gains

Project Outcomes.

Upon completion of this project we received many messages praising the visual appearance of the You Can Group website. The client provided a very generous review of our development process, professionalism and creativity which in our line of work is the icing on the cake.

Made in Scotland would like to again thank You Can Group for their business and referrals following the completion of this project. We hope to work with the You Can Group in the future the further develop their branding and digital image.

Working with the team at 'Made In Scotland' has been absolutely fantastic. Where we were struggling to get what was in our head onto paper and our website, they simply listened, created and developed our vision (adding their own special touch I should say :). We will be happy to recommend Made In Scotland to anyone looking to develop their own unique online presence. Their "You Can" attitude is just what is called for.

David - You Can Group
10th | May | 2021

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