US Blind Golf Champion – Barry McCluskey

Barry McCluskey is a remarkable blind golfer who has defied the odds and achieved great success in the sport. Despite losing his sight at the age of 22 after a skin condition named Keratoconus damaged his cornea, Barry did not give up his passion for golf. Instead, he worked hard to develop his skills and has become a talented player, winning numerous titles and accolades.

Barry is emerging as a top prospect in British blind golf scene, targeting a possible shot at the Paralympics. He has also been selected to compete against the North America at The Blind Vision Cup. Which is the most prestigious tournament in the blind golfing tour. Barry’s success is a testament to his determination, perseverance, and love for the game.

He has inspired many with his story and continues to promote awareness and support for blind and visually impaired athletes. Barry McCluskey is a true inspiration, showing that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude.

In order to showcase sponsors and details of all his events, Barry McCluskey required an online presence. This is where Made In Scotland have come in. We created a new website for Barry, where users can stay up to date with all of his latest events, stats and other information.

We will continue to support Barry in all his efforts. Including keeping the website up to date and supporting him in all golfing events. Barry is an amazing talent and we wish him well in all 2019 events!

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