Using Video Trends to Your Advantage

In this blog we will explain the best way to use video trends to your advantage. As much as it is a really great feature to have on your site, creating a video is easier said than done. It is a very laborious task. Also, it requires a lot of strategising, patience and perseverance to get something with a wow factor. The end product should work in conjunction with the styling and design of your website. Allowing it to enhance what you already have, as a pose to distracting from the actual purpose. Furthermore, rushing a production or simply being inexperienced can often have the opposite impact. This could hinder users from taking action and converting. A good tip would be to always confirm with a user-experience professional when you are trying to determine where to place your video.

Here is a brilliant example of a website for various national parks that really uses video background to its full potential.

What is great about this website is that it really helps to get the user to imagine what it would like to actually be there. Which is far more than a couple of pictures and some text can ever do.

If you would like to have a video on your website, or simply would appreciate some professional advice on video trends, then you can always contact us!

The importance of video quality.

Although videos are hugely popular right now, as with anything else, they will start to become more commonplace and saturated within the market. The whole purpose of video is to make sure your brand stands out from the crowd. However, by creating a video of low quality you can be sure you will still stand out. However, it will be in a negative way.

It is important to consider your user experience when putting a video on your homepage. As great as the video may look, if the user’s internet connection isn’t the best or if your website is hosted on a slow server, you could leave yourself with a gaping hole where your video should be playing, deterring people from your site. So, it is important to consider what sector your business falls under and in turn what purpose your video has. For example, a real estate agent wanting to show off a new property would want the video to be as big and high resolution as possible

Personalised marketing videos.

As we are still in the early stages of 2017, there are still trends that will develop over time. One of the biggest ones we will see it the personalisation of video by using data. By combining certain information, whether is about products, services or customers. Brands have already began incorporating all of the data they have been storing for the past few years into making their marketing videos more personalised. You can find below our promotional video done for Keedwell Scotland.

The general consensus for content marketers is that the creation of a singular video is outdated. This is due to them being unable to customise it. Many of them would deem is to be the equivalent of creating an ad spot on TV.  A piece of content that is very generalised for all of their viewers. Also, is unable to be manipulated to speak to each person individually. Personalised video, however, changes this stale mindset. This is because real-time data is fed to a content management system. This in turn allows many marketers to create unique videos that have been tailored to suit specific audiences.

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