Aurelian Insurance.

Aurelian Insurance Brokers is an insurance company based in Scotland, offering a variety of services across the UK. They have 20 years of experience in all aspects of commercial insurance ranging from SMEs to corporate risks and pride themselves on having a personal approach.

Project Launched: May 2022

Project elements


Contact forms are useful to have on a website as they direct user enquiries to email and storage on the site, allowing the company to respond to any queries or issues users may have which will strengthen client relationships.

Branding your business

Colour Palette.

The logo and website incorporates blue colours which represent stability and trust, often used in branding for banks and healthcare. Furthermore, the word Aurelian comes from the Latin word Aurehanus, meaning gold or golden, hence the use of the warm, yellow accent colour.

Primary Colour

HTML: #1c427e

CMYK: 78% 48% 0% 51%

RGB: 28/66/126


HTML: #4b649f

CMYK: 53% 37% 0% 38%

RGB: 75/100/159

Accent Colour

HTML: #fdc938

CMYK: 0% 21% 78% 1%

RGB: 253/201/56

Background Tone


CMYK: 0% 0% 0% 0%

RGB: 255 255 255

Background Tone


CMYK: 0% 0% 0% 4%

RGB: 245/245/245

Branding and identity

Logo Design.

We worked with Aurelian Insurance to design their new logo and branding. We developed a variety of concepts for the client to choose from, each using the same colours. However, they settled upon a logo featuring simple text and a laurel leaf crest, similar to the crown of a Roman Emperor which relates to the former Roman emperor, Aurelian.

Aurelian Insurance - Final Logo Design

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Website Design.

Aurelian Insurance were looking for a modern, dynamic, responsive, and creative design for a one page website that would include the most important elements of their business. To do this, we used the navigation bar as anchor links which take you straight to each section of the page, allowing a better experience for the end user. We ensured to reflect the newly created brand identity throughout the website to establish a consistent look. Furthermore, we used suitable, high-quality stock imagery across the home page which relates well with the business. The client wanted the main business sectors they work with to be clearly featured on the page so we ensured to include this along with corresponding icons to make it appealing to the end user.
Client Gains

Project Outcomes.

Since launching their website, Aurelian Insurance has had good user traffic and enquiries to the business through the website. This has helped boost the amount of users and engagement to the website.

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