Rate My Cleaner.


Rate My Cleaner is on a mission to support the cleaning industry and make it as easy as possible for great cleaners to connect with grateful customers. They take care of the marketing so their cleaners can focus on the job at hand. With local and national campaigns designed to ensure they are the first point of call for anyone that is searching for professional cleaning services.


Project elements


The Rate My Cleaner website is based on a searchable business directory which is sorted by a rating system for each business. Each business/cleaner can access their own dashboard on the website to view orders, bookings, payments and messages from customers.

Branding your business

Colour Palette.

We explored a number of different colour schemes for Rate My Cleaner during the initial design phases, opting for a bright saturated primary brand colour supported by a yellow accent and neutral tones to balance out and allow contrast between sections of content. These brand colours were then replicated across the the website concepts to create an inviting website design paired with printed merchandise and email marketing templates.

Primary Colour


CMYK: 71% 8% 16% 0%

RGB: 37/128/206

Primary Colour


CMYK: 6% 18% 96% 0%

RGB: 242/202/34

Secondary Colour


CMYK: 4% 2% 2% 0%

RGB: 242/242/242

Background Tone


CMYK: 0% 0% 0% 0%

RGB: 255/255/255

Background Tone

HTML: #181818

CMYK: 73 67 65 79

RGB: 24/24/24

Branding and identity

Logo Design.

When creating any logo, it must be able to stand on its own and still communicate the core values of the brand. With Rate My Cleaner we achieved this by brainstorming a variety of initial ideas which were then sketched out to provide the client with a choice of typeface, logo mark, line thickness, styles and colours. From this we are able to determine the best design direction to meet the clients brand expectations and mold these initial ideas into a final logo design that is unique, memorable and timeless.

Rate My Cleaner - Final Logo Design

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Website Design.

Rate My Cleaner had a long list of functional requirements to meet in order for the website to operate as intended, some of which included: Setting up and integrating with multiple payment gateways, intergration of 3rd party marketplace software, development of bespoke plugin features, development of business directory, geolocation search, rating system and much more. Throughout the project we worked closely with the client with scheduled fornightly meetings via virtual calls and boardroom brainstorming sessions to ensure we met the strict timescales of the project plan.
Client Gains

Project Outcomes.

Throughout the project, we received positive feedback from the client on the branding of Rate My Cleaner and we have since created more logos to support the branding of the client’s other business ventures.



Having worked with the team at Made In Scotland I have been very impressed by their proactive approach, professionalism and desire to help. I have now moved the web services for all of my businesses to Made In Scotland. Would highly recommend.

Christopher Stewart - Rate My Cleaner
19th | May | 2021

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