Shower Boards Scotland.​

Shower Boards Scotland are an official and well-trusted retailer in Scotland who specialise in wet walls, module flooring, wall panelling, ceilings, and click flooring.

Project Launched: FEBRUARY 2021

Branding your business

Colour Palette.



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shower boards wireframe shower boards concept

Strategic Approach

Web development.​

After years of being a loyal customer, Shower Boards Scotland decided to expand their website capabilities by adding e-commerce but still in keeping with the existing design.

Boosting your platform

Social media.​

We produce graphics for Shower Boards Scotland to be posted as adverts on Facebook which drives traffic and sales to the website. Furthermore, it builds awareness and recognition for the brand.

Client Gains

Project Outcomes.

Shower Boards Scotland’s website continues to thrive since its initial creation. The client receives purchase orders through the website on a regular basis with a steady rate of new customer traffic visiting the website. Their professional website positions them way ahead of the competition.

Over the past few years, Shower Boards Scotland has been working with Made In Scotland to design and develop a website and social posts to improve our online presence. Since working with the team, our social media interaction, engagement, website traffic, and sales have improved dramatically. We are delighted with the customer service and high-quality work provided by Made In Scotland!
Alistair - Shower Boards
5th | Aug | 2022

Project elements

Project Gallery.

Web Design Web Development E-Commerce Social Media Management Digital Marketing
Web Design Web Development E-Commerce Social Media Management Digital Marketing

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