Silverpickle create and sell beautiful handcrafted jewellery all made in a little workshop in South Queensferry, Scotland. Their products are made predominantly with Sterling Silver which can be customised with additional flashes of 9ct Gold and semi precious stones from all over the world. Silverpickle are already very well known on Instagram and Etsy so we wanted our website design to reflect the clients branding and personal touch which goes into every single piece they sell. Take a look at their stunning products at the link above and read our design & development process below.

Project Launched: september 2020

Project elements


An e-commerce platform can be highly advantageous for a business as you can customise the products (e.g. categories and variations) and design of the platform to perfectly suit your needs. Also, this makes it easier for the end-user to navigate the products on your website. Furthermore, a variety of payment gateways can be made available enabling customers to pay for products and services online. These can include, PayPal, Stripe (Debit/Credit Cards), WorldPay etc.

Branding your business

Colour Palette

We provided Silverpickle with a variety of colour palettes which we felt suited their brand and fit well with the company values. From these examples, we then narrowed it down to a primary colour and a standard black & white tone. We chose pink as the primary colour because it is often associated with love which perfectly fits with Silverpickle's brand as their jewellery is inspired by love and the owner is a self confessed heart addict and complete romantic.

Primary Colour

HTML: #F59A94

CMYK: 0% 37% 40% 4%

RGB: 245/154/148

Secondary Colour

HTML: #231F20

CMYK: 0% 11% 9% 86%

RGB: 35/31/32

Background Tone


CMYK: 0% 0% 0% 0%

RGB: 255 255 255

Take control of your sales


Silverpickle wanted to establish their own e-commerce platform instead of selling their products through Etsy. The benefits of having their own system meant they could structure everything, giving the business full control over all orders especially given that each handcrafted piece of jewellery is produced with great care and attention to detail and finish. Furthermore, it gives customers the ability to create accounts, in which they can have access to current and previous orders, a review system in place on the website, which will allow customers to rate their experience, and reviews can be displayed on the website. The store is fully searchable and filtered dependent on category of product and style of product required. A variety of payment gateways can be made available enabling customers to pay for service online. These can include, PayPal, Stripe (Debit/Credit Cards), WorldPay etc.

Silverpickle - Product Category Icons

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Website Design

Silverpickle's previous website was created using Wix which was no longer suitable to handle the needs of the business and therefore a new platform was required. Using WordPress, we designed a website with a clean, feminine feel using pink and white as our main colours. As the website is an e-commerce platform, we wanted to ensure the site is easy to navigate for the end user by keeping it clean and simple using a white tone as the background. This allows the content to stand out making it easier for the user to find what they are looking for on the site.
Client Gains

Project Outcomes

Made In Scotland completed the e-commerce website for Silverpickle Jewellery which has resulted in the new website being much easier for users to navigate the website. Not only can users land on the website and proceed to purchase an item within a few clicks, the team at Silverpickle can easily make alterations to products and content on the site, which is a key reason why WordPress was used as it is user friendly. Since the launch, Silverpickle has seen a noticeable increase in traffic and sales through their website.

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