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How did we make it to Lanarkshire’s number one for Web Design? Well we’ve been around since 2008 but more than that, we love working with our clients to deliver the solution which is right for them; especially, when a client asks us to design and develop a website that takes them on a digital transformation journey for both them and their clients.

McDermott Contract Services are from Lanark, Lanarkshire, they offer maintenance contracts, remedial works and are landscaping specialists, their customers range from local to national businesses with a focus on Housing Associations. When they approached us, we knew what a real difference we could make to business process and communications, for both our client and their customers.

Here at Made in Scotland Agency, we design and develop many types of websites and digital solutions, with different business deliverables from online shopping carts to appointment booking systems.  McDermott’s, needed something different, a new refreshed website which also integrated into the way that they and their clients like to work and communicate.

McDermott’s, established in 1998, are a family run business here in Lanarkshire and like Made in Scotland Agency are very community minded. McDermott’s often hire young local employees, trying to get a foot on the employment ladder and are active at local gala days and can be seen out and about de-littering areas, as they go about their day. Their relationships and communication with their clients is key to their business success and a new secure client login area where they can view, track and assign new works was a must.

In addition to the new back end systems, the family run business wanted to be able to administer the entire system from where ever they may be, whether this was out working anywhere across Scotland or from a sunbed on holiday;  and so a fast and responsive website, optimised for mobile and hosting speed was a key deliverable, the family team can add and complete jobs, upload images of completed works and much more.

The redesigned and refreshed website is now live at however unless you are a client of theirs, you won’t be able to see any of the really cool technical stuff behind the scenes.

If you want Lanarkshire’s Number 1 Web design Agency to assist you in scoping out a Digital Transformation project get in touch, we design and develop the technical solution, to let you get on with running your business, the way you know best.


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