How to Create Your Company Logo

A company logo is almost as important as its name. In fact, both are integral to one another. So how do you create the perfect logo? What should you look for when selecting it? And who should commission the creation? This post will give an insight for your next steps in creating your company logo.

Creating a logo begins in the mind

For a logo, in principle, the most important step is the idea. When we create a good and thoughtful concept, we will have solid foundations to build on, not only for the logo but also the history of your brand. If you’re already at the stage of planning and searching for an idea, you should try to be inspired by what surrounds you and try to find meaning from the name of your company. By doing so, we are able to come up with something brilliant that we may not have thought of.

Logo design by professionals

While you are able to get an idea of ​​how you want the logo of your company to appear, the implementation should always be carried out by specialists. Here are a few key factors that could determine whether your company logo turns out to be a success or a flop:

  • Logo design should be based on the “less is more” principle.
  • The logo, or at least the graphic area of this should consist for the most part of elements that when scaled (e.g. in order to apply it on a business stationery), will retain their original form and do not lose their sense.
  • Typography in the logo should be adapted to any graphic area.
  • Every positive version created for the logo, should also be created (in colour) and in negative (black and white). Ensuring the logo can be used on any backdrop.

It is important that you are providing with branding guidelines along with your company logo which will specify, among others areas: Specific Pantone and CMYK palettes (used for printing purposes), distance between characters, character height, dimensions and much more.

You should always have various copies and file types for your logo stored. This allows you to, upon request, provide marketing partners, printers etc. with the desired version of your logo.

Our expert team of designers would love to work with you to build your dream logo. Please get in touch to get started or for more information.

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