How to prepare a product to sell online

When we buy or sell online, the decision we make on choosing a product can depend largely on the presentation of the product, from the photo to its description.

The title is the first thing the customer will see and can then make a decision on whether the product is relevant to them or not. So, what should a good title look like? It should be as short as possible, whilst maintaining all necessary information.

The customer will assess the quality of the product by looking at the images. With so much variety and competition when selling online, these could be the key to setting your product apart from others. Customers buy with their eyes, meaning a beautifully presented product stands a much higher chance of sale.

Using keywords on your products is also another great way to enable potential customers to source your offering. Users will enter information in the search engine, for example, from pricing to titles. Price searching will allow users to compare offers and identify their own price range for the product. With the titles, including brand, colour, size etc. will give your product a much higher chance of being presented to the browser. With more technical sales such as machinery or computer parts, including specifics which a user would understand can be key, i.e. processors, memory etc.

In summary for titles, the most important thing is that they consist of specific and objective terms.

Photos and descriptions.

Online consumers can only see their product, they cannot check it by touch or smell which means their relationship with the potential product can be limited. However, despite these limitations, online shopping continues to rise in popularity, greatly due to it’s convenience.

Pictures and descriptions play a huge part. They are prepared to give the customer as clear a picture as possible of what product they are dealing with.

The photos must be of good quality. It’s best when there are several of them, that show the product from different angles and sides. They should reflect the actual color and shape of the product. The size is also important and by usually as an average the absolute minimum for the long side of the photo is 500px. However, considering the importance these photos have in the sales process, it should be larger where possible.

The description of your products must be accurate, factual and interesting. It is also important to have each products description, unique. It shouldn’t be a copy and paste operation, as this will not only hinder your products in search engine results but will not highlight the key benefits of each product.

The following points will help in ensuring the description of your product meets the required criteria:

  • Contains an original and unique description?
  • Does the description give the user value?
  • Have you highlighted the key product features?
  • Used keywords (without spamming)?
  • Included additional text or links such as reviews, related products etc.?

Reputation & customer satisfaction.

You have your title, a good bank of images and your product description, however there are still a few areas you can apply to help increase your chance of sales. Including that you sell from reputable manufacturers and any certificates or awards to verify the product.

Product reviews should also be included. Obtaining reviews can often be the biggest challenge, even with tools such as Trustpilot, TripAdvisor etc. the issue can be ensuring the user completes this. It is important to contact your customer as soon after the sale as possible, and ensure the process is simple and quick for them to complete.

Good reviews for your business can significantly increase sales, however it is important to remember that dissatisfied customers can have the opposite effect. Human nature means that a lot of people are more willing to share negative rather than positive information. Surveys show that about three-quarters of potential customers will look at the opinion of other customers to influence their sales decision. It is important to address negative reviews, showing your customers you are proactive and wish to rectify any issues.

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