The advantages of redesigning your WordPress shop

Research shows that designing web applications with user experience in mind can have a massive impact on your return on investment. On the surface it really is very simple, give your users a great experience if you want to be rewarded with sales and trust, but what exactly is user experience?

5 Steps to help grow your social media presence.

Why do you want to be on social media? If you want to get started on social media, then the first action you must take is really understanding why you think you should take your business onto social media. What will your purpose be? What platforms will you use? Who will your target audience be? These are just some of the key questions you should begin with and research.

Why we are rebranding Made In Scotland.

Over the years, we have developed a feeling around our company/brand where our main goal was not only to promote Scotland but help to grow local Scottish businesses as well. Whereas, our previous brand look didn’t express our ambitions and goals. It’s been almost 5 years since the previous logo was brought to life. Therefore, we knew that it was time for rebranding and it had to be updated to reflect our mindset. However, as we always put our clients needs before our own, we couldn’t find the time to achieve this. Which is why, as we have grown as a business and made the decision to rebrand Made In Scotland, we decided to say goodbye to our highland cow logo and design a modern look, while keeping our old brand name. 

Scotland Road Trip – Part 3.

To kick off the final day of our tour, we headed to Stonehaven to see the dramatic sights of Dunnottar Castle which dates all the way back to the Early Middle Ages. Perched on a 160-foot cliff with the North Sea below, Dunnottar Castle was truly a sight to behold with a spectacular view.

Scotland Road Trip – Part 2.

Part 2 of our road trip commenced in the Isle of Skye where we grabbed a quick coffee and headed up the hills to bag some long exposure photographs of the spectacular waterfalls on offer, which run all the way from the top of the mountain to the valley below. We did have to hop over some dodgy rocks to cross a few small rivers and I (Darren) managed to keep my feet dry for most of the morning, sadly I cannot say the same for Damian who was knee-deep within a few minutes.

Scotland Road Trip – Part 1.

Our Made in Scotland Road Trip was originally an idea from our designer Damian to use our time wisely on the road, searching for inspiration using Scottish landmarks and rural landscapes for our company re-brand set to go live after the new year. Starting in our office hometown of Hamilton, we made our way up towards Loch Etive and the famous Skyfall Road from the 2012 James Bond movie “Skyfall” to take in the sights while capturing drone footage over the loch and some wide-angle landscape shots. Thankfully the weather stayed relatively dry at this point, allowing us to get both drones in the air and fly safely over the loch.

Aspirare and Made In Scotland Kiltwalk 2021.

Aspirare and Made In Scotland participated in this year’s Kiltwalk on Sunday September 26 – the first live one in 2 years – which was a fantastic day where an incredible 4,000 people took part to raise money for their chosen charity and Sir Tom Hunter will once again match any donations received by an astounding 50%.

How to utilise hashtags within your social media strategy.

Hashtags help categorise your posts, allow users to join a trend, and also allow you to engage with an audience. They are an excellent way to drive traffic to your social media platforms and by adding hashtags into your social media posts, they can help increase your following and engagement.

Schema markup can help with your SEO.

Let’s dive into what schema markup is, Schema is a form of microdata that is used to enhance descriptions in the search results. This essentially makes the descriptions more appealing to the user when searching on Google and can help the user easily see ratings or sections of the site.

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