Responsive Web Design

What makes your website stand out? Graphics? Design? Content? Interactivity? It could be argued all, but none of these components will be consistent without responsive web design. More than 50% of users browse websites on smartphones and around 40% on a desktop which is why it is vital your website caters for every device.

Responsive – What does it mean?

The responsiveness of a website, is nothing more than adjusting the size of graphics and elements of the site to suit the size of the display. A responsive website will look good on a desktop monitor, mobile, tablet and even a TV.

The responsive version is the basis of every website we design. It is difficult to imagine a situation in which graphics do not fit on the screen, are cut off or you need to navigate from side to side in order to read the text. A responsive website always allows you to maintain consistency in the aesthetics of the page, regardless of where the user views it.

Does a responsive website cost more?

We only build responsive websites, therefore the price of having a professional, responsive website is always included. Simply put responsive design is not an add-on to the site, but the basis of the offer. Any web project you embark on which does not meet this requirement is not up to industry standards.

Why should you pay attention to it?

Website responsiveness gives comfort of use, and that’s what users love the most. No matter where the user wants to view the page, the standards and layout will always be preserved and this is a class in itself.

How do you check if a website is responsive? All you have to do is compare it on two different screen resolutions, for example a smartphone and a computer.

The responsive website will adjust in size to the screen on which it is viewed. Its individual elements will arrange slightly differently. This means that all of the important functionalities are preserved, conveniently located and clearly visible even on the smallest screens. It also adapts to users navigating using a finger, rather than a cursor. Similar to a page displayed traditionally on a computer screen.

Are you interested in having a responsive web design for your website? Then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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